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My Philosophy

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed, written, and created. In my younger days I adventured vicariously through books and make-believe. Now I choose to live my adventures, whenever and wherever possible.

I know we can all be better people, for others and for ourselves – to become the best that is possible for us and to soar with the journey. As a natural yogi, I recognise the balance we must each find between hard work, pain and true achievement, and how critical it is to know one’s own limits without living in fear of them. I believe strongly in freedom of choice and thinking for ourselves and as such, natural birth, conscious parenting and co-operative, community living are of fundamental import to me. I am also passionate about simple, high quality vegetarian, vegan and raw food and I am always on the look-out for new recipes, ideas and inspiration.

You are a whole person, not just a result of today.

Remember your childish dreams, crazy inventions and plans and realise their worth, their potential. Never stop asking questions of the world; interpret rather than simply accepting. Enjoy simple pleasures and every day think of how to deal with a daily chore or dependence in a completely different way.

There is always another way.